Rauma Survey

Rauma Survey is an independent average and survey agency servicing marine, cargo and logistics industries. Rauma Survey provides specialized professional consulting to the marine insurance community and related industries.

We supply a full spectrum of services from risk management through claims investigation. Rauma Survey offers nationwide service in Finland covering all ports and mainland of Finland. Our company provides versatile services of marine and cargo surveys with first class quality and reliability. Our clients consist of shippers, insurance companies, marine underwriters, charterers, forwarders, ship owners, manufacturers and importers, etc.

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The staff of the company consists of marine specialists and of highly qualified employees with advanced professional education and broad experience of surveys.


We supply 24 hours casualty response.

Our Master Marines and Engineers have extensive experience on sea going inspection services.

Cargo surveys and inspection service

When cargo is found damaged, it is necessary to establish the extent of damage and to detect its origin to enable a claim for the loss under the existing insurance cover.

The usual procedure in trade business is that when the damage is covered by insurance, the report is submitted to the insurance company, and when the liability of damage lies with the shippers, the surveyor's report is submitted to them for a claim for compensation.

This survey is usually termed Damage Survey and we are held in high esteem by numerous marine insurance companies.

Rauma Survey offers a wide range of survey services in Finland.

  • Damage survey of cargo
  • Preloading surveys
  • Project and heavy cargo surveys
  • Lashing & securing surveys
  • Preshipment surveys (preshipment survey service includes ultra sonic test)
  • Draught surveys (subcontractors may carry major part of draft surveys)
  • Freight forwarders and road carriers liability surveys
  • Container surveys (stuffing, damage)
  • Tally operations
  • General condition surveys

Marine surveys and inspections

Purpose of vessel damage survey is to access the cause and extent of damage and to record a list of recommended repairs. Vessel survey consist of on/ off hire surveys, flag state inspections and service for P&I clubs.

Rauma surveys has in house staff and qualified subcontractors for variety of surveys for vessels consisting of:. 

  • Damage surveys for Hull and Machinery (surveys for vessel's equipment) 
  • Condition surveys for P&I clubs and H&M insurers
  • Hold cleanness surveys
  • On hire / off hire surveys
  • Bunker surveys 
  • Ultra sonic test for water tight compartments
  • Towage plans and confirmation of towage operations
  • Yacht surveys 
  • Marine warranty surveys

Our engineers and naval architects (subcontractors) carry out surveys for Hull and Machinery (H&M) insurers in all major ports in Finland. 

Liability surveys

Risk of liability and subsequent liability claims may lay upon various parties in the marine, cargo and logistics environment.

Vessels have usually protection & indemnity (P&I) insurance in place protecting majority of their liabilities. We will supply 24 hours service for P&I-clubs and can offer correspondence. Charterer's P&I insurance has different coverage. Hull & Machinery (H&M) insurance is also covering certain liabilities.

Liability surveys for freight forwarders NVOCC carriers, carriers, trucking companies, stevedores and all logistics/maritime industry parties is available nationwide on 24hours service. In Finland port operators (stevedores) general terms are quite strict. 

Loss Prevention / Condition

We supply condition and pre-entry surveys for P&I clubs and H&M underwriters.
We have knowledge and experience of most vessel types.

Warranty surveys are available in Finland. 

Our loss prevention services consist of preshipment surveys, lashing &securing surveys and warehouse/handling surveys. Preshipment surveys are a regular part of our tasks.


Rauma Survey has capability to support and help with rising claims on marine, cargo and logistics niches. 

Our nation-wide networks can supply a variety of surveyors on all ports in Finland. 

Client portfolio

  • P&I clubs
  • H&M underwriters
  • Cargo insurers
  • International and local insurance companies
  • Shippers, freight forwarders
  • NVOCC, carriers, stevedores